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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Macy's Passport 2006 SF / LA
Holy smokes! What a rockin good time this was.
I was contracted by Macy's and lowedown FX to VJ the kids dance performance section of Macy's 2006 Passport fashion show.
We had 3 shows in San Francisco and 2 in Santa Monica Ca.
This wasn't your typical put the VJ behind the scenes performance. They rolled by VJ booth out on stage for the segment and then rolled it off.
Macy's really took care of me. My own dressing room, clothing for the show, 3 meals a day for rehearsal and on the final gala night in Santa Monica they had me walk the red carpet. That was straight up surreal. Cameras flashing, everyone yelling, "VJ Culture, VJ Culture, look over here!!" It's kinda funny, I had a handler who guided me to each of the press. I didn't get to speak to ET or Inside Hollywood like Diddy or Sharon Stone, but instead I got to speak to all B rated stations like the Asia Channel, some hispanic station and KCRW radio. Whoever, my photo was on with the like of Liz Taylor and Sharon Stone, but I think they figured out I'm nobody and pulled the picture after a week.

This was a two week gig when you consider dress rehearsals and performances. It was fun getting to know the crew and models. Speaking of which, those models were smokin!!
I mean hot as in healthy and hot. Since they have an underwear segment to the fashion show they want to make sure these models are emaciated, scurvy lookin girls.
Even the guys were totally buff. I left like I was amongst a race of super humans.
If you look real close you can see I have two video mixing stations on this table.

I had to mix video on the vertical screen as well as the outside horizontal screens at teh same time. I used the MD-1 from Roland to trigger Arkaos running on two different machines and then I slaved one V4 to the other. I used the Edirol PR-80 with both it's firewire ports outputting to both computers running Arkaos. Basically, the same movie would play out through arkaos but with different effects on each screen.

Never mind the butt... This is the only photo I have of the kids that performed on stage will I was mixing video. The crowd on teen night was so loud when these kids came out my whole body was throbbing and I couldn't hear the music.

Here is a link to a utube video of the show.

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