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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From Vegas to Atlanta
This is going to be a crazy month. Already since I moved from SF to LA I have only been home a week out of a month and a half and by mid Nov. I will have been home 2 weeks out 2 and a half months. I like to travel but I also hear the weather in Santa Monica is beautiful right now and the beaches are spacious and warm...
Anyway, Red Bull has launched for the second year in a row a gallery exhibit called, Red Bull Art of the Can".
Atlanta is the first stop of this 3 city tour which includes Dallas and Minneapolis.
Visit to see photos and the videos we shot of the artists who made amazing pieces with Red Bull Cans.
The day I arrived we were scheduled to start installing that morning. However, a double booking for another event that night meant we had spend another all nighter installing our custom screens and projectors and have it up and running in less than 20 hours.
Toshi Hoo arrived in Atlanta ahead of me and got a lot of the content prep done so the screen install would go a lot smoother. We used after effects to create a mask for each screen. Then we burned the final movies to DVD.

We used a light diffuser material with a combination of fasteners and rocks to assembly the screens. Zach, from the Temple of Gravity and B Complex manufactured the screens.
We also wanted a clean look for the gallery and instead of hanging projectors from traditional clamps and mounts we had the artists from B Complex in Atlanta bend some steel for us and give us a nice ornate end to a pipe and clamp system.
The event was very successful, a great turnout and everything worked.
The exhibit was up from Oct. 14th -31st so the all elements of the insallation had to with stand time and careless visitors.

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