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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fashion Week New York 2006
view a movie from suspect group here:

Red bull created thier own series of fashion shows during fashion week at the Nokia Theatre in Time Square.
I was asked to create a live video mix before and after the each fashion show.
we shot footage of the show and had it in the mix as the guest were leaving.
Anyone who has ever been to fashion week can tell you. No one sticks around to socialize after the shows. People literally run out the door to catch the next show in Bryant Park.

Xarene designed and built these LED butterflies to illuminate the VJ booth.

I installed my dualview preview monitor system for the vj booth.
It's a light defuser material with a projector hitting it from the back side. I use a quad splitter to preview the images via the projector.
It's a little blown out with the flash

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