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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dallas Red Bull Art of the Can
Dallas plays host to another Red Bull Art of the Can with a completely fresh take on the visual installations.
For dallas we incorporated two VJ Culture installations and provided live video mixing for the gala party and opener.
In the center of the room were 5 circular screens that were spanned out across two projectors.
I created masks in after effects and used the Matrox videohead 2 go card. (more of a review on that in a few days). The video res size was 1440x480 and the matrox card allowed the quicktime to be played out on an expanded 2048x1536 or something like that. One of the challenges of this installation is that it had to be simple to operate once I was gone. As simple as turn on and launch the file. I used webex remote control desktop software to monitor the computer from my home. That way if there were any problems I could address it from home.
The second installation was a video water fall.
The projector was tilted on its side using a magic arm. Then using a mask I created a downward motion of all the submitted Red Bull art pieces. This was installed in the galleries window and was viewable from both sides.
Guillaume Clave from NYC helped install the system and he VJ'ed at the opening and Gala parties.

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