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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still in Vegas---Mercury World
Even though I didn't get back to the hotel until 10:30AM I had a dress rehearsal for Mercury World w/ the Kenwood Group 3 and half hours later.
It was a very, very difficult rehearsal. I wasn't hitting cues and the band wasn't on top of it. I would have to say it was one of my darkest moments as a VJ.
The rehearsal went until 1:00AM and then I had to go back to Empire Ball Room where I had just mixed last night, or was it this morning, or today.... something like that.
Now Toshi and I had a low-rider convention after-party. Toshi took the brunt of the work since I was so crashed out. We had to work that gig until 4:00AM. What made it even harder is that no one came to their party. It was dead.
So now it's 40 with only 3 hours sleep and now I'm going to crash for 3 hours and do a opening performance at Mercury World with the San Francisco band, "The Mission".
You can see the video of it here.

Jon Schwark Vjon produced the opening and created the majority of the content. I just pushed a few buttons.
Seamless projections spread across 4 screens.
A Spyder system in the back of stage controlled the majority of the show.
The show was a 3 day event, The two final days were with DJ Scientific
Can you believe it, I created a visual mashup for intro to guest keynote speaker Madeleine Albright and CEO of HP Mark Hurd. Quite a twist from the crowd I was working with last night at the low rider after-party

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