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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Exprescion Vegas
Well, I flew from Bozeman to Salt Lake City where I was stuck for 7 hours waiting to catch a connecting flight to Vegas. Since I hadn't sleep from the Hatchfest gig I was very tired but I couldn't sleep because the airline kept moving the flight from terminal to terminal.
When I arrived in Vegas I had to go straight to the venue and start setting up. Toshi Hoo from Hoo Media met me there to help with the show.
We worked until showtime to setup two screens in the main room and 3 screens on the patio outside. Connected to our VJ booth was a photobooth where guest could get there picture taken and the images would be transferred wirelessly to a laptop in our vj booth. Then we would mix the photos in with the set. It worked out very well and as you probably know it was very vegas style.

The party was for Scion, produced by The Flavor Group (SF). It started at 9:00 but at 3:00 a new crowd came in from the late night industry scene. It was a good vibe, the crowd was not my style but it was a good party and the these late night industry people know how to hold there own.... That is until 10:00AM. I don't have any pictures at 10:00AM. It's probably a good thing. I wouldn't want to incriminate anyone. Props to Prem and Louis for their organizational skills ( and The Do Lab for their creative energy and amazing light art.
AKAirways for the inflatables.

I've know gone 40 hours without sleep and no Methamphetamine. (I don't do that). Not to say these girls would either :-)

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