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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Backstage at the American Music Awards
Nov. 18th Nokia Theater Los Angeles CA.
I was hired by Vello from V Squared Labs who was double booked. I provide visuals on Element Lab's Versa Tubes for Mary J. Blige at the America Music Awards which were broadcast live on ABC. Vello developed the content and I mixed it live using Modul8 software.
I had lots of celebrities hanging over my shoulder, (Kid Rock, Slash, Chris Brown) watching the show and watching what I'm doing. No pressure, there were only 7.5 million viewers watching the awards and I never got a solid rehearsal without some technical difficulties. Not to mention the camera feed they gave me was suppose to be a wide shot of the stage so I could see what I was doing, but in the end the camera kept getting tight shoots.
The versa tube design was based off of Mary J. Blige's music video, Just fine".
They wanted to repeat the same look. With over 40 acts we didn't get a lot of time to rehearse on stage, so it was really a, "flying blind" kinda performance.
However, it worked and I nailed every cue.
It worked out so well that they wanted us to come back and do the same thing the following Tuesday night for her solo performance at the Nokia theater.

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