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Friday, November 23, 2007

Chicago Red Bull Art of Can exhibit

Nov. 7th opening night in Chicago for Red Bull Art of Can. (Also a very big birthday for myself. I won't say how old but it's a big one).
Using the 360 rotations of the artwork we created earlier this summer we created atmospheric visuals for the opening night of Red Bull Art of Can Chicago.
Out front as guest arrived we had a title graphic.

Upon entrance there was a large 4x10 plexiglas screen. The producers of the event wanted to keep all visual treatments on some kind of glass screen. We used 3M vikuiti Film on the back of the glass wall behind the DJ. vikuiti film is a new screen product that traps light from rear projection and amplifies it out the front. It is ideal for retail store fronts where you want to be able to see the image during the day. (Note if will only work on north facing facades). The dark gray film creates a holographic like image if the background is right. However, the film material is very expensive, at least $550.00 for a 39"x22" cut. It is somewhat reusable if it is removed within a couple of days.
With the help of Casey Bishop from Simplistiks we also setup projections on the waterfall
and across the room on plexiglass.

All the content was designed to be secondary to the artwork. Minimal.

River East Art Center gallery is a beautiful gallery with lots of glass walls and features. We wanted to integrate with the design by keeping the projections on glass.

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