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Friday, November 23, 2007

Hatch Fest Bozeman MT. 07
Each year I'm privileged to attend Hatch Fest in Bozeman MT. This year Aaron who was helping me in San Francisco with LoveFest did most of the work installing the video at Emerson Lounge for Hatch.

This time around instead of hauling heavy VGA and BCN cable on the plane we used cat5 cable and VGA and Svideo baluns. The quality looked great and the weight of the cables was a quarter of what it would have been using traditional cable. Since Bozeman is a small town it's hard to find video rental equipment. So, most of the time I bring everything with me.
CTA Architects created the fabric environment. Red Bull curated the evening events and Aaron, Nate and I provided visuals for the bands and DJ's.
Bozeman knows how to have a good time. The parties lasted longer than I did.

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