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Friday, November 23, 2007

Monterrey Forum Monterrey Mexico

I'm working on a new A/V project with David Starfire. we are mashing up some of David's original music with classic rock, indie and breaks. David plays bass and drums while DJing and I VJ. We lock most of the base layer video down on DVD and use DVJ's for base layer playback. Then I had extra fluff with other playback devices.
Forum invited me to play back in spring of 07. I invited David as I really like his musical style and we both wanted to work on a project together.
David and I.
We decided that the visual elements would have visual statistics. Meaning statistical information about issues like global warming, human trafficing, eco-friendly info but, presenting it in a way that was interesting and won't stop the dance floor from dancing.
The venue were we played.
Forum is produced every 4 years and is coined to be the Olympics of performing arts.
Forum was held at the Parque Fundidora in Monterrey Mexico.
Performing artists from all over the world performed nightly. From french circus parades to Puppet operas and even our own DJ/VJ collaboration.
6 nights a week for 3 months there are different performances going on. The scale of this event is huge. The park is the size of a fair grounds here in the US and the
scale of production is amazing. Parque Fundidora use to be a mill decades ago and it still has the remains of numerous buildings as a backdrop for the festival.

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