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Friday, November 23, 2007

LoveFest 07 SF CA

Each year I do this I am so busy setting up I never get a chance to go outside and experience the Love Fest daytime activities that are happening right out in front of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. This year was no exception.
Reason I never get to experience it? We are responsible for 2-3 rooms of visuals. This year it required 12 projectors and Union labor. (meaning things don't go as fast as if it were my own team). Sean Cooper, Kev lar, Chris Samarvich and Aaron Hiejt
This is my 3rd installment of the Lovefest (Love Parade) official after party.

were apart of the team. In the main room we had a massive 30x22ft screen plus 2 15x20' screens and 4 10.5x15ft screens. We also had hexagon screens behind the DJ being controlled with different images in each hexagon via Modul8. We had 3 mixing stations to control the visual assault.

The bottom side screens took live camera feeds of the dancers who would perform in front of the screens. We would process the feed through the korg entrancer and various VJ software. Allowing us to grab realtime loops of the dancers and buffer them in RAM. The girls were wearing illuminated props to accentuate the visuals and feedback into the screens behind them. The crowd of 10,000 loved it and so did the dancers.

In the side room we installed 3 screens pictured here. Vello and Sandra did a headline A/V set in there.

These events turn into a full 24 hours of production. We arrive at 10:00AM and work straight through the night into the morning.

Some of our gear scattered across the floor.

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