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Friday, November 23, 2007

Exprescion Alcatraz Island

Via Flavor Group I was invited to create video installations for a number of locations around the island of Alcatraz for Scion's Exprescion party in June 07.
This was one of the hardest installs ever. Since the inland is a national park we were not allow to hang any screens from walls or even tape things down to the floor.
It was an remarkable experience spending so much time on the island. I spent a couple of nights out there. Sleeping on hard concrete floors in the cold. The weather was beautiful and it was still cold. I couldn't imagine what those prisoners had to go through.

With the help of Kev lar we created a number of different looks for different parts of the party. There was a fashion show in what used to be the mens shower.

Circus performances in the former hospital, a dance floor in the mess hall and live vjing in the theater room.
we also did laser graffiti on the side of the building where guest arrived via the ferry.
As far as equipment goes we had to bring everything over via a barge. All my equipment was put into large buckets and then a crane lifted the buckets on and off the barge. Even the Scion cars were brought over there by barge.

The sad thing is, this event happened 6 months after I'm posting this. There were so many notable, interesting and emotional things that I've forgotten since then.

The crew on one of the many walk throughs.
The rangers were pretty cool to deal with. However, when it came to install, they were watching us like hawks. I felt like I was in a prison!

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